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My first move to Italy


Often people move to live in a new city like Italy not just for witnessing a great weather or relaxed lifestyle; however the lower cost of living will also play an important role in the scenario.

From the early of the year 2007 of financial crisis the cost of living has been rocketing like anything. During the time the savings has been devalued.

Rules for UK expats:

That is the reason many of the UK expats look to make the break and head to Italy. They find it a relaxed way of life to live a comfortable life in Italy, in a lower cost of living.

With the pleasure staying permanently in Italy some of the UK inadvertently neglects their financial obligation by ignoring financial commitments back. They deliberately evade paying their creditors altogether without a thought to the potential consequences!

If you do find yourself with financial loose ends back in the UK, then you are subject to some act upon your legal rights.

Italy Regulation Regarding Debt Collection:

Below is the information for guidance only. You can take the Professional expert for sought out any doubt.

A Creditor or Debt Collector can find you If you Move to Italy. So it is better to settle all your debt, then and there to avoid any outstanding debts while coming to a new country.

You will be enforced to pay the debt if the debt is worth recovering. In that case the creditor could seek an EEO (European Enforcement Order) to get their fund anywhere within the European Union.

European Enforcement Order is the best method for creditors wishing to enforce domestic judgements to collect their monetary debt.

If your debt is not very large, then there is a lesser chance that the creditors will pursue you abroad.  Generally they do not do for smaller debts as it will cost them too much time and money to do so. But it is better for you to look for local advice to be familiar with the local laws in Italy regarding the matter.