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Celebrate Christmas In Italian style


Christmas is one of the important festival in Italy. Have an experience of celebrating the festival with the local people if you are planning a trip to the place.

Christmas Tree decorating Idea:

Their celebration starts with decorating the Christmas trees. All the members of the home starting right from children to the elderly people take active participation in the preparation.

The wooden ornaments which are made by hand are good for decorating the tree. You can also purchase wooden ornaments as the wooden ornaments can be kept and reused year after year.

Wooden ornaments can also be purchased online now. Bestpysanky.com sells wooden ornaments of Russian nesting dolls, Santa, Nutcracker, bear, dog and squirrels. Even wooden snowmen, reindeer and wooden egg ornaments are also sold.

How to select a good Christmas Tree:

  • If a real tree is what you have chosen then a tree stand is required and a tree skirt is required around the floor for catching the falling needles. This makes the clean up easier later.
  • If decided on an artificial tree, then it’s better to choose one which has the tiny Christmas lights built in to the branches already. People prefer to skip the step of putting the lights on the Christmas tree due to it being the most cumbersome process and the same time can be devoted to decorating the tree.
  • The ornaments are the most delicate among the decorations and the most movable ones, so the same can be added after the tree is settled. The additions has to be done from top to bottom with distribution of the ornaments being done evenly and some of the ornaments even placed few inches back in to the branches for adding a little depth to the decoration.
  • While using bulb and specialty ornaments, the bulbs should be added first. Following that it can be chosen whether to have a distribution of standout ornaments for the ornaments to be seen easily integrated with the rest of the tree.