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Biological antioxidant effect of lutien

Biological antioxidant effect of lutien

People in Italy knows the benefit of antioxidant value of lutien. They intake the carotenoids which have  much more Scientific evidence advocating the advantages of biological antioxidant activity of lutein in human blood serum. Further the deposition of lutein exists in the macular region of the eye.

In Italy this product is useful in treating the deterioration of the pigment leads to macular degeneration often correlated with age-related issue. It is the primary cause of irreversible blindness all among the adults over the age of 50. Fortunately an adequate intake of lutein in the form additional carotenoid supplement may reduce the risk of getting macular degeneration.

Function of lutien in human body:

As an antioxidant, lutein seems to be more than twice powerful as beta carotene. In fact in human blood plasma, this lutein is found in greater quantities than beta carotene. It is the antioxidant satiate ability of the bodily nutrients, which depends on the dietary intake of beta-carotene as well as lutien. People whose diets are full of vegetables may not suffer from a shortage of several carotenoids and antioxidant in the body. This may however reduce the risk of several severe diseases like cancer.

How it works:

Due to the presence of inflammation in blood vessels the process of atherosclerosis develop in the human body which may results in narrowing of the coronary arteries because of the build-ups fatty plaque, and ultimately became the main reason of coronary heart disease. Many researches recommended that lutein may also be a benefit to blood vessel health in several ways.

As we know lycopene, folic acid, and other fibre have a great benefit to the blood vessel health, now a new study advocate that lutein may also be a useful to blood vessel health in quite a few ways.

As per the proper Dietary Guidelines, an adult should consume 2.5 cups of vegetables each day along with an amount of 1.5 cups of dark-green vegetables. This will however provide a 4-7 mg lutein intake for your healthy functioning of body. The eatable like corn and green beans are the rich sources of lutein. Increasing the lutein level in the blood though a dietary intake, is the best and safest option.