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Effect of Non-Digestive Enzyme Imbalance among Italians


Most of the people in Italy now facing the issue of non-Digestive Enzyme Imbalance. Our bodily entire internal cellular operations depend on multiple enzymatic reactions happening with precise timing.

The process of ageing is the root cause of enzyme imbalances in the human body chiefly in the brain and liver, that may lead to severe neurological diseases like constant memory loss. Most ageing people habitually complain about the same. It also causes impaired liver function results in toxic harm to each cell in the body.

Chronic inflammation:

Firstly, the Chronic inflammation. It has been seen that, the ageing community undergo an plague of external inflammatory diseases like arthritis, whereas chronic inflammation sometimes effect in damaging the brain cells, heart valves, arterial walls as well as in other arrangement inside the body. Thus the severe risky diseases such as stroke, heart attack, failure of heart valves etc can be senility allied to the unceasing inflammatory cascade many often noticed in the ageing process of humans.


The second is Glycosylation. Of course, it is known to everyone that diabetics always age prematurely, however still the non-diabetics sometimes experience a kind of overwhelming chemical reaction known as glycosylation, it is a case when the protein molecules start to bind the glucose molecules resulting the body cause to suffer from the non functioning system. It is experienced that Glycosylation results in degenerative diseases of the eye, senile dementia and sometimes the arterial stiffening symptoms.

Methylation Deficit:

Next is the Methylation Deficit. Here the Cellular DNA needs constant enzymatic measures to maintenance and to heal the repair. The process of ageing cripples young methylation metabolism resulting DNA harm that can later lead to the most hazardous medical issues like liver damage, cancer and degeneration of brain cell.
The Digestive Enzyme Deficit issue is also a result of the same. Here the ageing pancreas are not in the position to function properly. Due to failing to secrete sufficient digestive enzymes, the ageing, liver on the contrary are unable to secrete enough bile acids. And as an end result it leads to chronic indigestion.