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Feasibility Study of Competitors Environment


I am planning to establish a pastry house in Venice, the main town of Italy. Though some other competitors are there in the location but as per the taste and food habit of the area a pastry house will do good. The cakes, cup cake and decorative small cakes will be in the trend and it represents the tradition of the culture. The concept is a new one. Moreover as we are going to sale in wholesale market like to the cafe and offices the sales turnover will be high and the business will earn an expected profit.

Our Objectives:

  1. Achieve a sales target of £ 166,000 in the first year.
  2. Improve second year sales by 50%, while the subsequent year by 30%.
  3. Expand to a large business house by the end of the third year of business.


It provides the soft desserts in a comfortable atmosphere for clients and customers. People enjoy fun with having the experience with the cupcakes outside restaurants.

Thus the business can make enough profit to generate a fair return for the investors. The extra profit of the business can also be used to finance the growth and development of the product quality and introducing more line of products for future expansion. Thus  an air of fair and creative work environment will prevail among the work force which  respects new ideas, diversity and hard work.


Our patisserie company will be a hospitality company dedicated to providing attractive and high-quality cupcakes, cakes, small cake and other bakery items for many occasions and celebration. The business will never let the quality of the output decorate due to increased cost or making high profit.

Commitment to the best quality ingredients. We focus on the quality rather than anything else. We always try to satisfy our customers to the optimum level without ever compromising with the quality of the product.