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Italy climate for Crops


It is too difficult to predict that whether the unusual climate changes would lead to increase or decrease the food production.  The usual climate change and excessive global warming trigger the food price up higher.

Effect of global warming:

It becomes very difficult to feed the world,  while still so many people are below the poverty line. The reason of diminishing rate production of crops is short rainfall and excessive heat, which is just the consequence of global warming. all these man-made warming factors like factory farms or industry play a key role in this impending disaster.

Livestock alone contributes approximately 18% to the global warming which is quite significant in number. Apart from greenhouse gases, Livestock is the main source of methane emission to the environment directly. These may worsen the future climate condition for crops, if not stopped today.

Green revolution in food industry:

With the green revolution in food industry and improved agricultural techniques, the crop production is growing decade by decade by around 10%. Simultaneously, climate change is reducing the production, but at a lower rate. This means that the production of the crop is still growing, but at a diminishing rate. Not only for crops, even more warm and acidic ocean can affect the situation and make it harder to feed where people rely on fish.

It is advisable to the consumers not to use Industrial food and opt for the more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Of course, carbon dioxide and heat are the factors considered necessary for plants to grow, however the overall consequence of various facets of this man-made warming is putting an adverse repercussion on food production industries.

The prices of food will touch the sky somewhere in an extensive range of 4 percent to 85 percent through the end of  2050 due to the climate change. This under production of food is the main cause of the starvation of billions of  people. Even, it is now becoming more and more difficult for the people to feed their families.