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Italy Macro Market Analysis


If you are interested in getting into the food industry, then Italy is the best place for you. People in Italy prefer cafe, market & bakery the most. So your start-up can cater the people with best quality handmade, baked fresh daily assortment of buns, cakes, muffins,  scones, breads and many more irresistible treats.


Economy and market conditions are significant to business feasibility. National income, government policy, pricing policy, inflation and competitor’s behaviour affects highly to the health of a startup business. So we need to explore more about the business location. So just have a look at the market and other facilities nearby the location to establish a bakery business.


The proposed business can get a huge amount of prospective visitors and customers. In a very less time the business will get a good name and fame all around the city of Italy.


Market domain is determined through some key component like competitors and surrounding market feasibility.

Investigate about the other big existing bakery house in the proposed location. We find  the Angelo House is an authentic European boutique, bakery and cafe. It is, however a   baker-retail business, which is part of the larger category retail bakeries. Right on the is situated Angelo Pastry House. This is the big existing bakery house in the locality. However the cost of the entire bakery product here is more expensive.

The Angelo is a bakery concept based patisserie business in the food industry. It is located at many countries globally.  It involves the making of cakes and bakery products of all varieties including, cupcakes, decorative cafe cakes, small cakes, handmade fancy cakes for gifts and home consumption. Watching your cake and bakery be prepared right in front of you in a casual atmosphere is really a true and unique selling point of our business.