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The issue of energy exhaustion among Itaialns


If anti ageing drugs are made available openly in the market, then they should certainly must be available for everyone. But, unfortunately the things are not like that.  It is there for only to a privileged portion of people. The treatment is very expensive and can be afforded by the richer section of people.  It is out of the reach of an average man to avail those facilities.

Though I personally felt that unfortunately that will not be the case at an early beginning, while the anti-ageing treatment will start to be manufactured and distributed consistently all the way through the entire planet and everyone will have access to the same.

Following are the issue caused due to premature ageing.

Mitochondrial Energy Depletion:

Next in line, is the Mitochondrial Energy Depletion. Here, to balance the critical functions like bringing  nutrients all the way via the cell membrane through abolition the cell of wreckage toxic debris, the cell’s energy powerhouse need  a complex chain of chemicals to be exist. It is proved that Mitochondrial energy exhaustion can result in muscle flaw, sometimes cause congestive heart failure, continuous fatigue as well as neurological disease.

Hormone Imbalance:

Not the less serious is the Hormone Imbalance. In a normal human body, more than billions of cells involved in the process of delicately coordinated to work by chemical signals known as  hormones. The process of ageing cause a rigorous hormonal imbalance that may result in a most contributing cause a wide range of risky diseases allied with the process of ageing counting depression, some coronary disease of artery, serous osteoporosis as well as loss of libido also.

The excess calcification is also not good for human body. However, the calcium  ions can thus transported all the way through the  cells in the course of calcium channels into the small cell membrane. Conversely, the process of ageing therefore disrupts calcium transport, which may lead to surplus calcium infiltration to the brain cells, the mid arterial wall and the heart valves, which can very well cause arteriosclerosis.