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The Proposed Business Opportunity


The New Zone patisseries is the proposed bakery business that we are planning to establish in Italy.

Why we are special:

We produce and sell high-end baked small cakes, cupcakes, patisseries, other baked items to retail and wholesale customers. Our patisseries business will also provide cakes for consumption at home and offices. The fancy cakes also can be used as a gift for the occasions like wedding, birthday, valentine, anniversaries, and graduation day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s day. Our bakery goods can serve your families and loved ones to celebrate a few of the many holidays or special occasions when they like. We will also provide patisseries and small decorative cakes to cafes.

Our Services:

We can loosely be described as a fast, affordable patisserie service. We can take bulk order from our customer and execute the order at the stipulated time. We make patisserie, cup cake, fancy and decorative cakes for various occasions and celebration. When people look for bulk order they want to save their money. We can supply them the bulk orders in time with less cost. The taste of our patisserie is awesome. It demonstrates the tradition and value of the place and culture. The New Zone patisserie also hopes to become a destination for the thousands of tourists who are coming to the place every year.

The New Zone patisseries will hold true to its vision of being a new concept. As we all know that now we are living in a techno era. People are getting more and more tech-savvy. So in a recent age like this we should create a web page for our patisseries services. The web page should be compatible to mobile and desktop both. The survey shows that more than 80% of the people use mobile internet services for searching various hotels, bakery, restaurants and hospital.