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Travel guide for visiting Amalfi Coast in Italy


The stretch of coastline of The Amalfi Coast is described in many ways as magnificent, beautiful, captivating, alluring, appealing, wonderful and gorgeous. This is one of the most seductive and romantic destination. It is a 40 km long stretch between the Gulf of Salerno and the Bay of Naples. Amalfi Coast is also popular for the deep valleys, road of 1000 bends and sky kissing cliffs. You will discover peacefully white washed villages, lemon blossoms and beautiful landscapes of olive groves. It has become more popular after its appearance in the Hollywood in the recent years.
A perfect place for hikers and travelers, it has offered fine dining, the village-strewn cliffs bulge onto the sea and beautiful hotels and breathtaking visions. It has been announced a UNESCO world-heritage site. Beside this strip of land, 13 towns lined. Among these, the most famous ones are Praiano, Amalfi, Furore, Positano and Ravello.


Across the Amalfi Coast Praiano is the ideal place for sunset views. Marina di Praia is a beach surrounded by ghastly eroded cliff and a valley of steep. In the evening crowed mostly come to Marina di Praia because of the famous night club L’Africana. For scuba diving the place is perfect. Another popular beach for sunbathing is La Gavitella.


The largest town of the coast is Amalfi. The Cathedral of St. Andrews is quite impressive and located in the centre of the Square. For learners and explorers the town has many interesting workshops. Amalfi is overloaded with culture and nature.

In Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a very high rated tourist destination. I like the place very much. The rush is too much in months of May and June. People from different parts of the world come to the place for a visit. You can plan your tour in or after September, when the crowd has gone and you also find a nice weather.