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Know about various Italian Market


You will get a real taste of the local culture of Italy while watching the bustling shoppers banter with vivacious vendors. Trust me you will get the best Italian food, all the seasonal fruits and veggies, fresh fish and meats, farm-made cheeses and local wines. Apart from that the markets are best for the tourists coming first time to Italy. you can do your shopping in best prices.

Antique Market

Antique Market is a famous Italian market where one can get several markets under one umbrella. You will get a wide array of goods starting right from vintage articles to new fashionable products. Antiques to clothes all are there under one roof. Basically the market is famous for crafts, clothes, jewellery and antiques. The Antique Market is the greatest tourist attraction. It is a centre of shopping experience multicultural food. You will find it most crowed on first Sunday every month. Cafes are plenty in numbers lining to the street.

Santo Spirito Market

Santo Spirito Market is one of the out-of-town shopping market with all types of original and excellent quality home products. The market is situated in the centre of the city, in the shadow of Christ Church. One should not miss to visit the market if really want to shop excellent quality goods which have value for money. It is a good place where the designers demonstrate their work at the Fashion Market. The market is the busiest on Sunday. You will find a huge amount of cafe at this market.

Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale is a restored Victorian covered market, famous for selling traditional game and the food stuff like fish and meat. The place is full of cafe and bakery. The market opens from 11am-4pm for Monday to Friday in the week. The market is known for some of the finest food in Italy. The best visiting time for the market is especially at lunchtime when it is at its most lively state.