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Italian culture of Smoking


Unfortunately smoking does harm not only to your health but also to your baby. It is obvious that the person who is exposed to smoke will get affected by the harmful smoke but breathing in someone else’s smoke is not also less harmful. Young children get affected by this second-hand smoke. Some babies who are exposed to secondhand smoke have more chances to die from sudden infant death syndrome. There is also a greater chance of ear infection, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, respiratory symptoms or may experience slow lung growth.

The harmful effect of smoking:

It is found in most of the cases that women who smoke during pregnancy may have babies with birth defects like cleft or palate, premature babies, babies of low birth weight, and sometimes underweight for weeks length of the pregnancy. The babies born with low birth weight or prematurely may suffer from a lifelong problem of intellectual disabilities and learning problems, and in certain cases, death. So the expecting mothers should look into the subject to how to quit smoking while pregnant.

smoking consists of the toxic gases and particles left behind from cigarette. Lead, arsenic and carbon monoxide are the dangerous chemicals which include in the toxins. It clings to things like hair, clothes,couches and carpets well after the smoke. This is the reason you can easily guess a smoker through the smell of cigarettes that linger on his clothing or in his home or car.

Quitting smoking:

The process of Quitting smoking isn’t easy for anyone; however the following tips will help you from lighting up.

Gradually stopping: you can slowly decrease the consumption of the number of cigarettes per day over a few weeks.

Chewing gum:It is found in some cases that chewing gum replaces cigarettes for many quitters as it keeps your mouth busy.

Just try to quit smoking with natural processes, without taking the help of the use of nicotine replacement therapy because it has potentially harmful side effects.