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Italian Food Habit


People in Italy mostly depend on processed food starting from morning breakfast to dinner at night. That is the core reason for all the diseases. Study shows that almost 50 percent of the people of Italy suffers from obese. They really depends on boxed food for their daily need. This article will educate you about the fact how the breakfast cereals are processed.

The ugly food habit:

The Italian breakfast approach starts with orange juice, cereal and skim milk. You will be surprised to see how a thick fluid is prepared through the process of extrusion for making cold breakfast cereals.

The grains are processed in a high temperature and pressure, to shape like puffed flakes. These grain shreds, then coated with oil and sugar for better crunchy taste to eat with milk, which in fact destroy a great deal of nutrients from the diet. The high heating process with pressure cause the loss of the most important nutrient called the amino acid lysine. It also wipes out the synthetic vitamins of the food.

The unhealthy boxed cereals:

Some people opt for boxed cereals, but the fact is that, they all are the same. Nevertheless the boxed cereals offered by the health food stores are also made by using the same process of extrusion. These box cereals are in no way a healthy diet.

If you investigate the matter you can come to know that undergoing through the tough process of extrusion, the cereals alter the structure of the proteins. Take the case of corn. Zeins, is the most significant protein body present in the spherical organelles of the corn. But after going through the unhealthy process of extrusion the protein body changes into foreign component called alpha-zeins, which is in no way good for health.

So my sincere advice for all, give up the habit of depending upon boxed food and try to eat some fresh food which will be rather healthy and tasty.

Follow the healthy habit and save Italy!